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02 General ISN Statements

Here you will find the General Statements made on behalf of the International Sargassum Network.

03 Organizational Chat

In this section, you will find discussions about organizing the sargassum phenomenon response.

04 Scientific Chat Room

¿De qué se trata tu categoría? Cuéntales a tus visitantes, qué encontrarán en esta discusión.

05 Civilian Chat Rooms

This section is specially dedicated to the very important civil participation working under scientific bases.

06 Governmental Chat Room

If you work for a government or international organism, these are the chat rooms where you will find your colleagues.

07 Media Chat Room

This section is dedicated to media projects. If you are looking for press releases, go to the uploading section and search by country.

08 General Discussions

Topics that don´t fit in the other sections can be posted in this section.

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Inside this Category, you can add posts inside which you can paste links to other SCIENTIFIC pages & news. Commercial pages will be deleted
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  • Through this section you can add links to other scientific pages related to the sargassum phenomenon. Please choose an easy title to facilitate the search when people want to go to those pages through our library and make a brief description of the page your are sharing, explaining why is important for the community. Here is an example: This is the link to the World Organization Institute The World Organization Institute develop civil organizational models based on scientific knowledges from other disciplines. The sargassum phenomenon will help us design civil response models for climate change strategies as well as other disaster scenarios.
  • Does any body has growth rates for Sargassum species?
  • When you start using a new platform you might feel lost, especially if you are participating in more than one Chat Room at the forums and following more than one active person. To help you get used to the ISN website, we have made a Video Tutorial Sections, where you will find step by step, How to... Participate in Forums Upload Files Find Chat Rooms and files Find and Follow People Track the activity of those discussions you are interested in. Soon!